5 Ways Your Uniform Puts in Overtime

Your uniform works just like you, the same hours, same jobs, same situations… right? We’d like to argue that your uniform puts in overtime daily for your business. Uniforms are seen by everyone you encounter on your commute, lunch break and business meetings, exposing your brand to thousands of people daily.

1. Promoting Your Company

Even when you are on your break at the local coffee shop, your uniform is still trying it’s hardest to promote your company. It is telling everyone around you that this is the business we are with and we are proud of it! When employees wear uniforms displaying corporate logos and colors, they help brand and differentiate their business in the markets they serve.

2. Free Advertising

Word of mouth is one thing, but word of the eye is just as powerful (some may say more powerful)! When in a uniform, you become a “walking billboard” promoting a company’s services and products.  In some ways, when you wear the uniform outside of work, the uniform is doing much more work than you are just by being on and being seen.

3. Employee Benefit

When provided a uniform, it is saving employees money and time in finding the proper work attire to buy and wear. Forget stressing every morning about what to wear or worrying that your only good pair of pantyhose now have a tear in them. This little uniform is a time and worry-saver!

4. Promote Company Pride

Work uniforms help instill a sense of pride and responsibility. So even on the days where you are worn out, your uniform is able to pick up that extra slack and give you that extra push! It’s called uniform for a reason; there is one form for all. When in your uniform you are never alone, you will always be a part of a team. Confidence is key to customer relations and business morale!

5. Protects You

Your uniform is always ensuring your safety. Flame resistant is one example of fabric that can be used for your uniform to prevent injuries caused by accidental fires in the workplace. Tough fabrics and practical design enhance productivity and safety. In an industrial environment, the right kind of uniform makes all the difference! High visibility uniforms can also protect you from be struck on and off the workplace. Having uniforms that have specific styles or colors help identify who does or does not belong in specific work areas or on the job sites. This ensures safety for you and the public.

Uniforms transform your workforce from a group of people doing a job to a sharp-looking team of professionals. They do more than just impress your customers from the uniformity, they also equip your employees in safety wear against hazardous accidents in the workplace and improve your security. Uniforms are truly a win-win!