Automotive Repair and Dealers Uniforms

Working on Cars is Dirty, but We Keep You Looking Professional

Uniforms transform your workforce from a group of people doing a job to a sharp-looking team of professionals. They equip your employees, impress your customers, and improve your security. Having chosen to use uniforms, you’ll find it just makes sense to use a full service rental company. We’ll ensure that your people always have fresh, clean, non-allergenic work clothes, made of durable, comfortable fabric, in an attractive, practical, safety-conscious design. At the same time, we’ll eliminate your spending on capital investment, reduce the amount of storage space needed, and reduce the time needed to manage your uniform program.

Clean & Comfortable

A crisp corporate image matters on the shop floor just as much as in the showroom – and in an industrial environment uniforms add value in even more important ways. Clean, comfortable clothes improve worker morale. Tough fabrics and practical design enhance productivity and safety. In an industrial environment, the right kind of uniform makes all the difference!