Consistency is Key: How We Differ From the National Chains

There are so many variables to owning and running a business. It can be intimidating, especially when you are a small company, to not know what your bills will look like from month to month and to not know how much inventory you will be delivered this week. At U.S. Linen & Uniform, we want to ease some of that pain for you and provide the consistency that will help your business thrive.


Unlike the national chains who increase their prices multiple times throughout the year, U.S. Linen & Uniform only changes our price once annually so that you’ll know exactly what you’re paying. Unlike the national chains, with U.S. Linen & Uniform’s No Surprises Billing & Inventory Plan®, you’ll never pay an unexpected charge for unintentional loss, damage, employee turnover, garment preparation, or standard names or company emblems. When you can depend upon a certain price, you’ll be able to budget which could save your business a lot of money and give you flexibility in other areas.


We ensure that we’re providing consistent quality every time by following a careful process for cleaning and delivery. We use the best technology to keep track of your inventory. We use barcodes and RFID chips on every garment. We compute the most efficient delivery routes. You can always depend on us for full, on-time inventory delivery. No need to fret about uniforms, either. We inspect every garment that comes in as part of our process and even developed the industry’s first garment repair app the Star Garment Repair® App so that you can be sure any garment repairs are addressed.


Our customer service is a constant experience, it does not simply happen on an as-needed basis. You’ll have your own Customer Service Representative who will make it their job to know your business’s needs. When you build a relationship with a member of our staff, you’ll be able to solve problems more efficiently and feel in control of how your business’s needs are being fulfilled. Who knows, being able to rely on our service might help you take the risk your business needs to grow. And when you do grow, we’ll be right there with you adjusting to your new needs and demands.

When your business is consistent, it assures accountability, establishes your reputation, and preserves your message. You can run into quite a few bumps in the road when running a business. We’d love to take one more worry off your plate by providing consistent, quality service. Consistency is a powerful component of the most successful businesses and when we’re consistent, you can be too.