Environmentally Friendly

Keeping the Planet Clean is Important to Us

We invested heavily in a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system that has cut our water usage by 50%. This adds up to more than 10 million gallons of water saved each year, and because the recycled water is already heated we’ve also cut our natural gas consumption by 25%. Our system cleans waste water so thoroughly that the water we reuse is cleaner than the water we get from the city. Even the water we discharge has 95% of the impurities removed.

We take our commitment to the environment seriously, and our community has recognized our success. In 2012 we won two environmental awards – the City of Richland Green Business of the Year award, and an Association of Washington Business Environmental Excellence Award. We’re also one of the first companies certified by the Textile Rental Services Association as a “Clean Green Company”. We’ve done everything we can to ensure that our business is as green as possible, and we’re committed to holding our place among the most environment-friendly industrial launderers in the Pacific Northwest.

Computer Controlled Chemicals

The kind of laundering we do demands tough cleaning chemicals, but we use these responsibly and without waste. The mix of chemicals used is controlled by means of a sophisticated computer program, to ensure that every load of laundry receives exactly the mix needed for optimal cleaning. On top of that, all of the chemicals we use are non-NPE (NonylPhenol Ethoxylates). In addition, the main detergent we use, Eclipse, meets the stringent requirements for the US EPA’s DfE (Design for the Environment) program.

Careful Planning Cuts Our Fuel Consumption

We have a fleet of 60 vehicles to service our 2,500 customers spread across a 75,000 square mile territory. That’s a lot of traveling! But we use sophisticated transportation software that is designed to optimize our service personnel’s driving routes. This lets us save money on fuel costs and helps us consistently deliver on-time to you, our customers.