How to Clean Your Mop

Mops are great for cleaning, but what about when you need to clean your mop? Keeping your mop clean is easy and doesn’t have to be a chore! Most of the time, make sure to rinse your mop thoroughly between each use, and store it so it can properly dry out. If a mop doesn’t fully dry, it can promote the growth of mold and bacteria, and your floors are only as clean as your mop! Every few uses you will need to do a deeper clean of your mop. Here’s some tips for deep cleaning different types of mops.

Cleaning a Wet Mop

1. Soak Your Mop

Soaking your mop in a chemical solution is a great way to keep it clean and sanitary. You can soak your mop head in one gallon of hot water with either one cup of white vinegar or a half cup of bleach. Let your mop soak for about ten minutes, wring it out, and let it dry. You should never leave a mop head soaking or in water for more than 24 hours to prevent bacteria growth.

2. Wash Your Mop in the Washing Machine

If your mop has a detachable head, you can put it straight into the washing machine. It’s recommended to wash mop heads with other dirty rags or cleaning materials and throw a cap-full of bleach into the washer to sanitize. After being washed, wring out the mop and let it air dry.

3. Wash Your Mop in the Dishwasher

Yes, you can put your mop head in the dishwasher! Much like the washing machine, you can safely clean your mop in the dishwasher with a cap of bleach. For sanitary reasons, it’s not recommended to wash your mop head with other dishes.

Cleaning a Dust Mop

It’s recommended you shake out your dust mop after each use. Do this over a garbage can or outdoors so the dust doesn’t fly everywhere. It’s also recommended to clean your dust mop every three to four uses. Here’s three ways to clean your dust mop.

1. Vacuum Your Mop

An easy way to quickly clean all the dirt and dust off your mop is to vacuum the mop head. Use the tube attachment from your vacuum and run it over the mop head until it’s clean.

2. Wash Your Mop in the Washing Machine

You can wash your dry mop head in the washing machine, even if it’s made from microfiber. If you have a microfiber dust mop, wash it on low heat with no bleach or fabric softener, only laundry detergent. It’s best to let microfiber dust mops hang dry, but you can put it in the dryer on low heat. It’s also recommended not to wash or dry microfiber mop head with your regular laundry as the mop will pick up excess lint from the clothes.

3. Hand Wash Your Mop

Hand wash your mop head by filling the sink with room temperature water and a little dish soap. Submerge the mop in the water and try to get the dirt out with your hands. Then let the mop air dry.