Casual Dining Uniforms and Linen

Casual Dining Uniforms

Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

U.S. Linen and Uniform helps business owners dress their staff in cohesive and comfortable uniforms. With items such as chef coats, mats, and various sorts of towels, we are sure to have plenty of items which will keep your business clean and your staff happy. We understand things get misplaced, which is why we restock your full inventory on every delivery. So, whether you specialize in pizza, pancakes, or hot wings, your restaurant’s uniforms will be the least of your worries.

Never Pay an Unexpected Charge for Unintentional Loss or Damage.

Since 1944, we have been locally owned and family operated. Every item is carefully inspected for mending issues like popped buttons, broken zippers, and tears before a garment is delivered. We pride ourselves on being the first and only company in our service area that offers “Service When You Need It®!” We are on call in the evenings and all weekend, so when you get busy or have an emergency, we will be there for you. And billing surprises, you can forget those. You will never pay an unexpected charge for unintentional loss, damage employee turnover, garment preparation, or stand names or company emblems.

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