Food Processing Uniforms and Linen

Casual Dining Uniforms

Working with Food is Messy,
but We Keep You Looking Professional

U.S. Linen and Uniform helps food processing plants transform their appearance and create a safer workplace. By providing uniforms and linen we give your company and its employees a seamless look and feel. We will always ensure that your staff will have fresh, non-allergenic uniforms which are made of durable and comfortable fabric. When you’re running a business, we know you do not have time for all the details, but we have you covered.

Clean & Comfortable

Some of the items we provide our customers across Oregon, Washington and Idaho are coats, towels, hygiene supplies, and aprons. With our coats you can order butcher coats, wraps, shirts or even pants. No food processing plant would be equipped without towels. We carry many towels, from microfiber to dish towels, take a look through our catalog to see how we can match your needs. With our mats you can order flow through mats, carpeted floor mats, and we can also create custom-made floor mats. Lastly, with hygiene being such an important piece to food processing you can also order touch-free soap and paper towel dispenser.