Hospital, Dental, & Wellness Uniforms

Medical and Dental Office Uniforms

Every hospital, medical office, and dentist functions differently, as do their needs for commercial uniform rentals and laundry services. As a locally operated business, U.S. Linen & Uniform is prepared to meet each practice’s specific, individual schedules and requirements. Our products are never thin or worn, and our linen, sheets, and garments are sterilized.

Our size enables us to process linen and garments very efficiently using large, state-of-the-art machinery that individual practices could not afford to operate. This machinery allows us to wash linen with up to 50% less water, chemicals, and energy. This adds up to more than 10 million gallons of water saved each year. We are as Eco-friendly as possible and take our commitment to the environment seriously. 

We Supply:

  • Bath Towels, Hand Towels, & Wash Cloths
  • Surgical & Huck Towels
  • Glass Towels
  • Drape Sheets
  • Patient Gowns
  • Scrubs, Scrub Shorts, Scrub Shirts, & Scrub Coats
  • A Variety of Lab Coats
  • Fluid Barrier Gowns & Aprons
  • Medical Wraps
  • And Much More!