How Important is Rental Laundry Delivery Service for your Restaurant?

Rental Laundry delivery services for clean linens and uniforms are very important and required for running a successful restaurant. When you have a rental laundry delivery service, you are getting back all the time that goes into transporting, washing, drying, and folding linens and uniforms yourself. Instead of rushing to make sure you have an ample number of linens for the day, you can focus on your business, your customers, and your clients.

Having a rental laundry delivery service that you can rely on to get you clean linens and uniforms gives business owners peace of mind. Most rental laundry delivery services provide emergency weekend linen services. You never have to worry about what you will do if you run out of clean linens during your weekend breakfast rush. Rental laundry delivery services offer your business volume flexibility when you have a higher need for linens and peace of mind that you won’t have to stress over where, when, and how you are going to provide your customers and/or clients with clean and sanitary linens.

A rental laundry delivery service provides your business with cost-efficient solutions. Managing your laundry in-house requires not only time but a cost-heavy overhead between the equipment to maintain the laundry and the human resources needed to manage your business’s linens promptly. An overlooked cost to managing your business’s laundry is the extra space and storage required to efficiently manage your business’s laundry. Extra space needed means your restaurant needs to be in a larger space which in the Pacific Northwest can get relatively expensive depending on the location of your business. Having a reliable rental laundry delivery service frees you and your business from these additional and cumbersome financial burdens of managing your linens without risking the quality and cleanliness of your linens and uniforms.

When you utilize a rental laundry delivery service for your linen and uniform needs, the quality of the uniforms and linens are guaranteed. A laundry delivery service will meticulously check your linens to ensure that they are clean and there are no impurities or imperfections. Table linens and napkins that

are starting to unwind are traded out for new, clean ones for you to use. Missing buttons and broken zippers are replaced before the delivery of your next linen shipment, so you don’t have to out the time and effort required to fix it yourself. If you are looking to change your uniforms, you need replacements, or you have higher new employees, a rental laundry delivery service makes supplying your employees with clean and professional uniforms a breeze.

A rental laundry delivery service is important if you are looking to save time and money. Between volume flexibility, ensured quality, and freeing yourself from additional daily tasks – a rental laundry delivery service can greatly benefit your business. At U.S. Linen and Uniform, we focus on providing you with clean, sanitary, quality, and professional linens when YOU need them; so you can focus on what’s important – running your business!