Top 10 Reasons Our Customers Really Love Us

  1. You never pay an unexpected charge for loss or damage. Our No Surprises Billing & Inventory Plan covers everything except intentional loss and damage.
  2. You never pay for garment preparation, names, or emblems. Our No Surprises Billing & Inventory Plan includes our standard name and company emblems.
  3. You never receive multiple price increase every year. With our No Surprises Billing & Inventory Plan there is only have one small price increase annually.
  4. You get guaranteed complete delivery of the fungible items. With our No Surprises Billing & Inventory Plan we restock to your full inventory each week.
  5. You get guaranteed complete garment deliveries. Our Star Tracking System uses RFID technology to guarantee all garments are returned with 100% accuracy.
  6. You get guaranteed garment repairs. Our Star Garment Repair App allows garment wearers to tell us about any needed repairs.
  7. When you get busy and need more product, we are there for you. We are on call evenings and weekends with our “Service When YOU Need It!” program.
  8. Being an independently owned and operated family owned business means we don’t answer to some corporate office. We do what is right for you, our customer.
  9. Our proposals include all charges.  You know exactly what you will be paying each week so you can easily budget.
  10. Our route personnel are noncommissioned so they have no incentive to overstock you.

Bonus. Our trucks are really cool looking parked outside your business. They help draw attention to your business.