Why the Environment is Important to Us

The way we take care of our environment will influence our futures and the future of our community. At U.S. Linen & Uniform, we take pride in our efforts to lower our water and energy use. Here a couple reasons why we value the environment and why you should go green.

Reduce Deforestation

It is no secret that the rainforest has been in jeopardy. With a rising population there is a higher demand to produce printing and writing paper, toilet paper and wrapping paper. In fact, global timber harvest have increased by 60 percent since 1960. Rainforests play a crucial role in purifying the air and maintaining habitats for our wildlife.

It Will Improve Your Health

When you are conscious of how you are contributing to the decrease in greenhouse emissions you will be able to breathe better. This includes literally and figuratively; you will have cleaner air to help you breathe and your mind with be clearer knowing you have contributed to making the world you live in a better and healthier place.

You Will See a Decrease in Utility Bills

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, using green alternatives such as compact fluorescent light bulbs or energy-saving door and window fixtures, will reduce the amount of electricity used. According to Scripps Networks, using newer and energy-efficient toilets will use less water per flush than toilets built before 1982. At US Linen & Uniform we have invested in a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system that has cut our water usage by 50%. This system also uses recycled water which cuts down our natural gas consumption.

Improve Our Future

Between the years 1990-2004, carbon dioxide emissions increased by 20 percent alone. Because of the crucial role greenhouse gas emissions plays in our quality of life, it is important we take the necessary steps to secure our ozone layer and reduce water and air pollution for the future of ourselves, family and our planet.

Maintain a Clear Mind

The increasing population has drastically changed the way of life for thousands of species and the world’s natural form. Black carbon pollutants, such as diesel emissions, are toxic to both humans and the ecosystem. When we all are conscious of our efforts to go green we reduce the impact on Earth whilst also promoting a quality life for you, your family and the earth.

With the efforts we have made with our wastewater treatment system, the use of non-NPE chemicals and our sophisticated driving software used to reduce vehicle fuel consumption with the efficiency of route planning, we hope you will also make a change to improve our lives, our future family’s lives and our planet’s life.