How an Automotive Uniform Service Can Benefit Your Business

Using a professional uniform service for your automotive business provides great benefits. The benefits are not only for your business as a whole but for your employees too! When you use a professional uniform service to clothe your employees, the benefits are consistency, convenience, and cost-efficiency.


A professional automotive uniform company can provide your business with consistent automotive uniforms. Fresh uniforms keep your employees looking great while on the job. Your automotive uniforms will look professional, and you will have the sizes needed for all your employees to work comfortably. By using a professional automotive uniform service, you are guaranteed consistent quality, care, and maintenance. Meaning, each and every automotive uniform is carefully inspected for tears, rips, stains, missing buttons, or broken zippers, and more! With a professional automotive uniform company, you get a consistent professional look and uniform style for all your employees, you get consistently great uniform quality, and you get consistent inventory for the sizes and quantity you need.


When you use a professional automatic uniform company, you and your employees are no longer responsible for washing and maintaining uniforms. Spending weekends or after-hours making sure uniforms are properly cleaned to the level of professionalism a business requires will be a thing of the past. You do not have to worry about providing a uniform washing station on-site. Ensuring your business has the manpower to clean each uniform in a timely manner will be someone else’s job. Most importantly, you do not have to worry about missing or damaged uniforms. An automotive uniform company will conveniently replace damaged uniforms and make sure uniforms are stain-free, ironed, clean, and ready for your employees for every shift.

Cost Efficiency

Besides having clean uniforms readily available for employees to wear for each shift, using an automotive uniform company is cost-efficient. You may be sitting there thinking about the time it would take to find a company and hire them to manage your uniforms, it is the opposite of cost-efficient, but we have some exciting news for you! When a professional automotive uniform company manages your business’s uniforms, the uniforms last longer than uniforms which are taken home and washed. Automotive uniform companies take great care in laundering your uniforms and this helps garments last longer. When uniforms last longer, you do not have to replace your business’s uniforms as often. If you are not responsible for the cleaning of your business’s uniforms, you are saving both time and money on the hours and resources it would take to wash each garment.

When a professional automotive uniform company manages your uniforms, you do not have to stress. There’s no need to provide a place on-site for employees to leave their uniforms after work. You won’t need to make sure employees come prepared with clean and professional uniforms each day!

Leave it to the Professionals!

By using a professional automotive uniform company, you are ensuring employees have great-looking, high-quality uniforms which are always clean and ready for every shift without the stress of having to manage old, ragged uniforms and wash them yourself. With U.S. Linen & Uniform, we have been providing excellent quality service to automotive shops and dealerships throughout Oregon and Washington. With us, you get clean and professional uniforms every time. We restock your full inventory every delivery, so you are never short on clean uniforms for your employees.