Star Service Challenge

Thinking of giving U.S. Linen and Uniform a chance to serve your business? We know it’s a big decision. Take the Star Service Challenge right here to see if you’re ready for us:


    Our No Surprise Billing & Inventory Plan™ ensures invoices received from us contain no unexpected fees or upcharges.


    Our Star Garment Repair App™gives you control over what uniforms receive maintenance or repair servicing. (With a 99.998% success rate!)


    Our No Surprises Billing and Inventory™ ensures complete restocking of your full inventory each delivery.


    Our Service When You Need It™ program will get you in touch with a rep that can address your needs on weekends or in the evening and attend to them immediately.


    Our No Surprise Billing & Inventory Plan™ ensures you’ll never receive an unexpected price increase. What you agree to is what you’ll pay every time.


    Our Star Tracking System™ is designed to ensure the exact amount of the exact materials you’re expecting. Multiple RFID-powered scanning points throughout our facility ensure your materials are exactly where they need to be.

    If you answer yes for any of these questions, consider filling out the form below and getting in contact with U.S. Linen and Uniform! We lead the industry in quality, reliability, and transparency. Contact us here for more information or call us at (888) 875-4636.