A clean floor is a welcoming floor, and mats and mops through U.S. Linen & Uniform will ensure your business always has the materials needed to keep it clean. If your business could benefit from a consistent supply of wet mops, dust mops, and high-quality matting, we’re ready to help.

Get Industry-Leading Mats and Mops from U.S. Linen & Uniform

U.S Linen & Uniform is the leading provider of mats and mops to Eastern Washington, Northern Oregon, and Northern Idaho. With fast, reliable, and straightforward service like ours, your floors and your budget will thank you!


U.S. Linen & Uniform’s mats are tough enough to handle any level of foot traffic or inclement conditions. They have heavy-duty, durable bristles that scrape outside elements off of shoes far more efficiently than any other mat. We can customize them to fit in any nook or cranny while also giving each their own visual flair based on our clients’ exact specifications. We also maintain them ourselves so they are always in stock. We provide:

  • Entry Mats
  • Custom Logo Entry Mats
  • Comfort Flow Mats
  • Super Scrape Mat
  • Complete Comfort II Mat
  • Waterhog Plus


No mat is capable of keeping the floors completely clean from spills or outside elements. That’s where our mops come in! They excel at covering what our floor mats don’t. We make them with durable fibers capable of withstanding any mess. Just like with our mats, we keep them in stock for our clients by cleaning and replacing them ourselves. Our goal is to take this off our clients’ plates so they can focus on what matters most to them.

  • Wet Mops
  • Dust Mops

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Our mats and mops will keep floors clean while protecting them. We maintain both ourselves to ensure that our clients always have the high-quality floor care materials business need. Start today by calling us at (888) 875-4636 or by directing your inquiries here.