Floor Mats, Entry Mats & Mops

​Doorway mats provide more benefits than a simple aesthetic element in your entryway. Doorway mats protect your floors and carpets by trapping moisture and soil as people enter your business. As people walk through your door, it’s another opportunity to add to brand recognition. We can help you use your mats for marketing this way by having them customized with your corporate logo, tag line, or anything else you choose.

Our standard mats come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles, including quality and safety. When you choose our floor mats, you’re also choosing far more than something to decorate the floors. Your choosing a service that includes keeping them clean and in good repair, as well as floor mat replacements when they’re needed.

Other Benefits of Floor Mats

Mats improve safety where floors are slippery, like in entryways and kitchens. We have mats that are ergonomically designed to improve worker comfort and reduce fatigue. For example, in areas where an employee’s task involves standing for a long time, these mats enhance productivity.

Not All Mops Are Good Mops

We all know how ineffective a sad-looking, threadbare mop is – and you know it’s not something you want cleaning your workspace. Picking up a new mop at the store still won’t provide the same service we can give you at U.S. Linen & Uniform.

We begin with the most essential piece: a quality product. Our mops are made with fiber-locked strings and heavy-duty construction. Their barricade protection eliminates mildew, mop rot and odors, and stops the growth or spread of bacteria. Our mops are superiorly designed and are exchanged frequently with professionally laundered mops. Fresh, clean mops just work better.