A Professional Medical Scrub Service Benefits Medical Facilities

Scrubs are an important aspect of a medical professional’s life. This uniform is an iconic indicator of a health care provider and the services they provide for communities. A professional linen and uniform service can help provide clean scrubs to medical professionals and ensure they have access to an ample number of uniforms to aid them in taking care of patients.

Cleaner Scrubs

Hospitals and care facilities need to be extremely clean to protect the sick and injured from infection and other life-threatening ailments. Scrubs are no exception, and a professional uniform and linen service have the tool available to ensure the scrubs medical professionals are wearing are as clean as possible. Scrubs and regular clothing which are cleaned in a home washer and dryer do get clean, but scrubs are washed and dried using the advanced computerized method which encompasses the machines used by U.S Linen and Uniform are better suited to ensure all the scrubs are meticulously cared for and ready for medical professionals when they need them. These advanced machines are to control the detergent type and amount, the temperature of the water, wash cycle, drying, and storage of medical scrubs to ensure they are always stain-free and void of pathogens. Superbly clean scrubs influence the employee and patient experience when in a medical atmosphere

Safer Handling and Storage of Scrubs

Ensuring safer handling and storage of scrubs is a benefit of using a professional scrub service for medical facilities. At-home cleaning of scrubs can pose risks for contamination while it is typically low could affect the health and safety of patients and employees. While medical professionals are working, their scrubs pick up whatever pathogens they have encountered throughout the day and can spread them beyond the medical facility and domestic laundry is not as equipped to ensure the level of clean required to ensure scrubs match medical grade cleanliness. Once medical scrubs have been cleaned, proper post-wash handling is important in ensuring medical scrubs stay clean and free of potentially harmful pathogens. Improper handling after the washing process during storage and transportation can jeopardize medical scrub cleanliness. U.S Linen and Uniform’s laundry facilities are designed to minimize individual contact with medical scrubs. It is virtually impossible to minimize human contact with medical scrubs with medical professionals are required to wash and manage their scrubs. With a professional scrub service, every set of the cleaning and transportation process is secured from washing to handling and delivery of the scrubs to medical facilities. The aim of a professional scrub service is for the first exposure to be when medical professionals don the iconic uniform.

Improved Efficiency and Supply

Having employees manage and clean their scrubs puts another responsibility on the plate of medical professionals already do so much during their day. A professional scrub service removes the burden of cleaning and maintaining scrubs and the responsibility which comes along with managing medical scrubs. Fresh and clean medical scrubs are always readily available and accessible to health care professionals when they need them. If a spill or accident happens while working and a medical professional need to change scrubs, clean scrubs are always available to them when a healthcare facility uses a professional scrub service. Medical professionals no longer must make sure they have a spare change of clothes or stop working to go get a new pair of scrubs when the ones they were wearing are dirty. If new scrubs are needed in a pinch, U.S linen and Uniform can deliver new scrubs when and where they are needed, adding a level of security to a medical professional to ensure they are always prepared to do their job.

A professional scrub service help ensure medical facilities always have access to an ample, clean supply of scrubs when and where medical professional need them. Having your scrubs professionally managed by U.S Linen and Uniform ensure your scrubs are always clean and free of pathogens, in supply, and ready when you need them