Summer Uniforms We Love

Summertime may mean we’re out of school, but we’re still surrounded by uniforms: fun uniforms! We love seeing the familiar sights of summer; signifying sunny skies, relaxation and good times. Here are just a couple uniforms we love to see in the summertime:

Baseball Uniforms

Nothing is better than wearing a dirt-filled, grass-stained baseball or umpire uniform! Those pinstripes are mesmerizing and the game keeps us captivated all nine innings. Baseball is America’s past-time and once the season starts, we know summer is in full-swing (no pun intended).


Who called Bay Watch? Long summer days laying on the beach, catching some rays and waves allow us to relax and enjoy quality time with friends and family. These lifeguards are a sign of summer, but also make us feel safe and secure while splashing around!

Ice Cream Man/Woman

What makes you smile faster than hearing “Yankee Doodle Dandee” or “It’s a Small World” rolling down the street? The friendly ice cream man/woman’s uniform looks clean and spiffy when making the rounds, but by the end of the day we ensure you it is just one sticky mess, and smiles!

Summer Camp Uniforms

You best believe that the summer camp you send your kids to every year has uniforms of some sort; whether that be sports uniforms, everyday uniforms or activity specific uniforms. Your child will wear a big smile every time they wear or even think of this uniform!

Whatever uniforms you encounter on your summer adventures you can assure that we are there to perfect their everyday look and cleanliness for your summertime bliss!