The Perfect Washington Road Trip

Some of the best summer adventures can be right around the corner. Our beautiful home here in Eastern Washington gives us access to all kinds of environments, cities and cultures. If we were to spend 5 days driving around Washington, we would have to hit these places:

1. The Olympic Peninsula

This 330-mile loop travels through Washington state’s most iconic landscapes. From waterfalls, Olympic mountain peaks and even rain forests, be ready for a non stop adventure. Be sure to pack a wide variety of clothing as you will be encountering snow-capped mountains, lush greenery in the Hoh Rain Forest and possibly taking a ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria, British Columbia.

2. Panorama Land

Instead of your typical Sunday farmer’s market, spice things up and explore Washington’s eastern side. Start your day in Spokane and take a splendid 200-mile trip along I-395, Highway 2 and State Routes 20 and 25. Weaving by the shores of the Columbia river, up through the hillsides speckled with fruit trees and stopping at every fresh produce stand along the way, you will not get home hungry for more!

3. Palouse Country

Take the time to truly appreciate what our wonderful state has to offer! There fertile farmland in the rolling hills of Palouse are key to this area’s agriculture. This relaxing, scenic drive is sure to please everyone in the family. Be sure to pack a picnic to enjoy late afternoon.

4. Yakima Valley

Through the Umtanum Canyon you will follow the Yakima River, experiencing vineyards open to the public. Stop at any given one for a wine tasting and chance to truly experience the wine-making process. Many parks, museums and memorials await you along this journey!

Wherever your end of summer road trip may take you, know at U.S. Linen & Uniform we care about the environment around us and have less water waste and efficiently plan to cut fuel consumption to ensure a happier state for all of us!