Top 20 Things To Ask Before You Sign Up With A National Chain Company

  1. Have I been shown the entire agreement including any terms on the back?

  2. Is the sales person authorized to legally modify the agreement?

  3. Has the sales person put in writing everything they promised you?

  4. Has the sales person put in writing what your weekly cost will be?

  5. Do I get a copy of the agreement after it is signed by all parties?

  6. How long will my prices stay at what was quoted?

  7. How many price increases can I expect each year?

  8. Is my annual price increase on the anniversary of my agreement or in less than a year?

  9. What are the rates for lost or damaged items?

  10. What are the rates for garment preparation, name emblems, and company emblems?

  11. How does the company track garments while in their possession?

  12. How does the company count soiled items?

  13. How can I be assured that soiled items are counted accurately?

  14. Do I get to inspect and keep garments I am charged for them?

  15. Does their garment maintenance programs cover all loss and damage charges?

  16. Do I get charged for mats even if they aren’t changed?

  17. What happens if I run out of product in the evening or on weekends?

  18. Is there a charge for emergency deliveries?

  19. How long will it take to install my account?

  20. How long will it take for new employees to get their uniforms?