Uniform Rental Services

Uniforms Protect Your Business

Many of our clients are in service-oriented businesses, where uniforms transform your workforce from a group of people doing a job, to a sharp-looking team of professionals. Uniforms ensure your employees look professional as well as the added benefit of impressing customers and improving security. Once you decide to use uniforms you will find it makes the most sense to use a full service rental company. We make certain your staff always has fresh, clean, hypo-allergenic work clothes made of durable, comfortable fabric. Your uniforms will be attractive, practical, and have a safety-conscious design. Investing in a full service rental company also eliminates your spending on capital investment by reducing the amount of storage you need, and decreasing the time needed to manage your uniform guidelines.

Local Service- National Quality

U.S. Linen and Uniforms is a proud affiliate of Apparel Services Network, a group comprised of independent industrial laundry operators whose core competencies align to provide the marketplace with best-in-class customer service and products for releasable textiles programs. We also belong to the CSC Network, a buying group of almost 200 independent linen and uniform rental companies. We combine our purchasing power to get deals just as good as the national chains. We also work together to share training and techniques, so that we have access to some of the best training that is offered in the industry

Uniforms for the Industrial Environment

Tough fabrics and practical designs enhance your worker’s productivity and safety, which in hand improves employee morale. In an industrial environment, proper uniforms make all the difference!

Whether your customers are asking about the status of their car repairs, asking directions to an event, or waving down a waitress, they will know exactly who to approach. This contributes to strong customer service and a feeling of reliability.


Working with Food Can be Messy, but We Keep You Looking Sharp

Food preparation is not the kind of work you do in your everyday clothes. Tough, stain-resistant fabric, and comfortable design, along with the benefit of U.S. Linen & Uniform skillfully cleaning your uniforms, your staff will look and feel professional. Whether your restaurant specializes in gourmet meals, cutting and wrapping meat, or baking cookies and cakes, your restaurant uniforms will be the least of your worries!