Struggling to find good linen and uniform service in Spokane, WA? It isn’t easy to locate the right provider. However, there’s no need to stick with what you already have now that you’ve found U.S. Linen and Uniform!

High-Quality Linen and Uniform Service in Spokane

For over 7 decades, U.S. Linen and Uniform has been the leading provider of linen and uniform service in Spokane. Our No-Suprise Service has gained us high customer satisfaction and return rates. We recognize the importance of loyal customers and that’s why we only provide the absolute best for the most competitive prices. That includes:

Uniform Services

Whatever industry you’re in, we have durable, clean, and comfortable uniforms that will improve your workers’ performance! This includes:

Food Manufacturing
Service Industry

Mats and Mops

U.S. Linen & Uniform ensures only the best protection against floor degradation available! We are ready for high-traffic areas, spills, and dust with sturdy mats and absorbent mops.

Towels and Aprons

U.S. Linen & Uniform gives businesses in a variety of industries the tools they need to effectively and efficiently clean messes and prevent them from getting out of hand. This includes towels that soak and stand up to the worst imaginable conditions and comfortable aprons that protect their wearers from the messier aspects of their jobs.

Table Linens

Getting table linens from U.S. Linen & Uniform means that there’s no longer any need to worry about messes, stains, or table degradation. Not a single drop of food or liquid will seep through our table linens with material so durable it stands up to broken glass and knives!

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Get Spokane’s best linen and uniform service through U.S. Linen & Uniform! Our reliable and transparent service is leaps and bounds better than what you can find anywhere else. And you can start today! Call us at (509) 946-6125 or visit our website for more information on how we can help you.